Anatoli V. Melechko

Field emission from isolated individual vertically aligned carbon nanocones

L. R. Baylor, V. I. Merkulov, E. D. Ellis, M. A. Guillorn, D. H. Lowndes, A. V. Melechko, M. L. Simpson, and J. H. Whealton
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831-8071

(Received 5 September 2001; accepted 6 January 2002)

Field emission from isolated individual vertically aligned carbon nanocones (VACNCs) has been measured using a small-diameter moveable probe. The probe was scanned parallel to the sample plane to locate the VACNCs, and perpendicular to the sample plane to measure the emission turn-on electric field of each VACNC. Individual VACNCs can be good field emitters. The emission threshold field depends on the geometric aspect ratio (height/tip radius) of the VACNC and is lowest when a sharp tip is present. VACNCs exposed to a reactive ion etch process demonstrate a lowered emission threshold field while maintaining a similar aspect ratio. Individual VACNCs can have low emission thresholds, carry high current densities, and have long emission lifetime. This makes them very promising for various field emission applications for which deterministic placement of the emitter with submicron accuracy is needed. ©2002 American Institute of Physics.

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