Anatoli V. Melechko

Effects of microfabrication processing on the electrochemistry of carbon nanofiber electrodes

McKnight, T.E., A.V. Melechko, M.A. Guillorn, V.I. Merkulov, M.J. Doktycz, C.T. Culbertson, S.C. Jacobson, D.H. Lowndes, and M.L. Simpson,
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2003. 107(39): p. 10722-10728.




We describe the fabrication and electrochemical characterization of as-grown and postprocessed vertically aligned carbon nanofiber forest electrodes at macroscopic (5 mm) and microscopic dimensions (250 m). We examine the impact of a variety of microfabrication processes that are typically employed during nanofiber-based device synthesis including refractory metal reactive ion etch, oxide coating and removal, and several oxygen-based etch processes-all of which dramatically impact microscale electrode response. We also demonstrate that the high electrochemically active surface area of larger scale, macroscopic nanofiber forest electrodes can provide a buffering capacity against surface activation/inactivation. Under diffusion-limited transport conditions, this may preserve the electrochemical response of the electrode during storage and against the impacts of processing techniques used during nanofiber-based device fabrication. 

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