Anatoli V. Melechko

Microarrays of biomimetic cells formed by the controlled synthesis of carbon nanofiber membranes

Fletcher, B.L., E.D. Hullander, A.V. Melechko, T.E. McKnight, K.L. Klein, D.K. Hensley, J.L. Morrell, M.L. Simpson, and M.J. Doktycz,
Nano Letters, 2004.




Biological processes are carried out in a small physical volume, the cell, where molecular composition coupled with defined nanometer-scale architecture bring about function. A major challenge inherent in copying this engineering ideal is the fabrication and filling of enclosed membrane structures. Described here is the combination of deterministically grown carbon nanofibers, micromachining techniques, and piezo-based ink jet technology to create cellular mimics. The synthesis, testing, and application of coupled arrays of semipermeable microstructures with defined, sub-nanoliter fluid contents are demonstrated.
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