Anatoli V. Melechko

Refereed journal papers (2005)

  • Fowlkes, J. D., B L Fletcher, E D Hullander, K L Klein, D K Hensley, A V Melechko, M L Simpson and M J Doktycz, Tailored transport through vertically aligned carbon nanofibre membranes; controlled synthesis, modelling, and passive diffusion experiments, Nanotechnology v.16 p.3101-3109 (2005), Full Text

  • Seung-Ik Jun, Philip D. Rack, Timothy E. McKnight, Anatoli V. Melechko, Michael L. Simpson, Direct-current substrate bias effects on amorphous silicon sputter-deposited films for thin film transistor fabrication,  Appl. Phys. Lett. 87, 132108 (2005) Full Text

  • Characterisation of reactively sputtered silicon oxide for thin-film transistor fabrication, Jun, S.-I., T.E. McKnight, A. V. Melechko, M. L. Simpson, P. D. Rack., Electron. Letts. 41 (14), July 7, 2005, 59-60  Full Text

  • Two growth modes of graphitic carbon nanofibers with herringbone structure, Merkulov, I. A., A. V. Melechko, J. C. Wells, H. Cui, V. I. Merkulov, M. L. Simpson, and D. H. Lowndes. , Phys. Rev. B, vol. 72, 2005, 045409.  Full Text

  • Jun, S.-I., P.D. Rack, T.E. McKnight, A.V. Melechko, and M.L. Simpson, Electrical and micro-structural characterization of molybdenum tungsten electrodes using a combinatorial thin film sputtering technique J. of Appl. Phys, 97(5), Mar. 1, 2005, 054906-01.  Full Text

  • Vertically aligned carbon nanofibers and related structures: Controlled synthesis and directed assembly, Melechko, A. V., V. I. Merkulov, T. E. McKnight, M. A. Guillorn, K. L. Klein, D. H. Lowndes, and M. L. Simpson. Applied Physics Reviews (J. Appl. Phys.), 97(4): p. Feb. 15, 2005, 041301-39. Full Text

  • Cu-Ni composition gradient for the catalytic synthesis of vertically aligned carbon nanofibers, Klein, K. L., A. V. Melechko, P. D. Rack, J.D. Fowlkes, H. M. Meyer, and M. L. Simpson. Carbon vol 43 (9), 2005, 1857-1863. Full Text

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